Basic Module

Basic module

Basis- und Erweiterungsmodul

Basic- and expansion module

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    Sets new standards in terms of flexibility and washing results!
    Wash up to two wheels simultaneously!

    Modular system

    With this innovative wheel washing system you can start with an inexpensively-priced 1-wheel machine. Without great expense, a second module can be retrofitted at any time. The second module is significantly cheaper as it uses the equipment already installed for the basic module (drive, high pressure line, pumps etc.)!

    Reduce labour costs – increase productivity

    Washing two wheels simultaneously allows the operator to use the washing time more effectively for other tasks. This ensures fast amortisation!

    • Space-saving, innovative modular technology
    • Cleans up to two wheels fully automatically
    • Fast amortisation through increased productivity
    • Large wheel capacity (Ø 800 mm x width 350 mm)
    • All standard car wheels (alloy, steel, SUV, run-on-flat, etc.) can be cleaned
    • No damage to rim finish by mechanical washing components
    • Consistent, practically residue-free cleaning results
    • Always ready for use as no change of water is required
    • Combination of proven chemical-high pressure washing method… burned-on brake dust can only be really removed in this way!
    • Automatic process water neutralisation = environmentally friendly washing method!
    • Four pre-set cleaning programmes

    This innovative system allows customers to start with one cost-effective module and add a second module, less expensively, at any time to wash two wheels at the same time!

    Impressions of the Modular Wheel Washing System