Black Edition Wheel Washing System

Black Edition Wheel Washing System

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A sophisticated design combined with unparalleled washing technology – more affordable than ever before!

1. Innovative washing method

  • A biodegradable cleaning agent is sprayed on to break down even the most stubborn brake dust
  • After a short soaking time the dirt is washed away by several high pressure nozzles
  • In this way each wheel is rinsed with clean water
  • High pressure clear water rinse for consistent washing results
  • No time-consuming water change necessary
  • ”Made in Germany“ performance – excellent results withtrusted technology

2. Fast amortisation

  • The entire wheel change procedure is greatly streamlined
  • Wage costs are substantially reduced
  • Improves customer satisfaction while increasing productivity
  • The space required for wheel washing (e.g. in a wash bay) is minimisedand can be used for other tasks
  • Service life of workshop equipment(balancing and fitting machines) is extended

3. Material compatibility and environmentally friendly washing method

  • The recommended, biodegradable DeepForce cleaning agent can be used to wash virtually all types of rim/wheel • alloy rims • highly polished rims • rims with stainless steel trim • sealed chrome rims • steel wheels with trim covers • steel wheels without trim covers • etc.
  • The pH-value of the wash water can be automatically neutralised with a simple neutralising agent
  • The high pressure nozzles are arranged/designed to ensure both the tyres as well as the rims cannot be damaged
  • The wheels, even with protruding rims, are secured without mechanical contact. Scratches caused by contact rollers or similar are therefore ruled out
  • No mechanical (brushes, granules) or any other material-abrasive wash components are used

4. Washing without compromise

  • The recommended, highly effective cleaning agent removes even the most stubborn brake dust
  • High pressure clear water rinsing ensures each wheel is washed with consistent quality (dirty water not re-used)
  • The machine needs no cleaning or maintenance during the season… simply wash, wash, wash.

5. Easy to use

  • Place wheel in the machine, press one of 4 program buttons and the machine does the rest fully automatically

6. Wheel capacity and weight

  • max. Ø 800 mm / width 350 mm
  • Also suitable for SUV wheels with or without runflat tyres
  • The machine can accept an individual wheel weight of up to 70 kg

7. Programmable logic controller

  • The programmable logic controller makes it easy to individually adapt the wash programs

8. Quality

  • All components are processed in Germany in accordance with German industrial standards
  • Only the best materials are used
  • Great reliability and long service life

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