BIG WHEEL 4-Wheel Washing System

BIG WHEEL 4-Wheel Washing System

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Also handles heavy run-on-flat and large SUV wheels

As the first company to do so, PERFORMTEC has developed a 4-wheel washing system that fits in any workshop. The outside dimensions are a mere 2.01 x 1.10 m. This system therefore revolutionises wheel washing!

BIG WHEEL 4-Wheel System

  • 4 wheels are simultaneously cleaned fully automatically… and even one, two or three wheels can be washed
  • The machine is sized to fit into your workshop (floor area 2.01 x 1.10 m)
  • Automatic process water neutralisation = environmentally friendly washing method!
  • Consistently excellent cleaning results: with 8 dynamic flat spray nozzles
  • Combination of proven chemical-high pressure washing method… burned-on brake dust can only be really removed in this way!
  • Aluminium and steel wheels can be washed – even with plastic wheel covers
  • All standard car wheels can be cleaned, including SUV, run-on-flat, PAX wheels etc.
  • No damage to the rim finish by mechanical washing components, like plastic granulate, brushes etc.
  • Always ready for use as no change of water is required
  • Extremely low-maintenance with minimal wearing parts
  • Conforms to German occupational safety guidelines
  • Siemens PLC controlled (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Four pre-set, fully automatic cleaning programmes
    Short: Lightly soiled wheels
    Normal: Normally soiled wheels
    Super: Heavily soiled wheels
    Rinse: Only high pressure

  • Approx. 520 kg of stainless steel guarantees a long service life

4x is faster – is better!

Make significant improvements to your operating processes and make measurable reductions to your costs with the 4-wheel washing system. It will pay for itself in no time!

Impressions of the BIG WHEEL 4-Wheel Washing System